mail da Gaza dai partner di Gazzella – 21 luglio 2014

Pubblicato il 22 luglio 2014 da Gazzella

PMRS / Gaza 13:00

July 21st, 2014

Two continuous weeks of bloodshed that resulted from the ongoing Israeli offensive against Gaza Strip have so far left 509 martyrs and 3604 others injured.

The crimes of al-Shijaeya neighborhood on July 20th were the worst so far. In less than twenty four hours, 72 people were killed in that neighborhood alone and more than 300 were injured. Israel prevented medical teams and aid workers from gaining access to save the victims and many were wounded and left to die in the streets. At least one ambulance was directly hit by Israeli forces and a paramedic was killed. A journalist was also killed.

Thousands of people fled al-Shijaeya neighborhood and sought shelter at al-Shifa hospital. People reported having to pass by many bodies and body parts all over the streets as they were trying to escape.

UNRWA reports that there are more than 80,000 people using its schools as shelters, with very little services provided to them.

Hospitals are overloaded. Some of the wounded are treated while lying on the floor. Hospital officials said that morgues are overfilled and there is no room for any more dead bodies. The situation is expected to get worse in light of the very little resources available.

A press conference for health officials indicated that the medical teams who see the injuries and the bodies suspect that Israel is using internationally banned and lethal weapons (DIME) and there has been recent reports suggesting that Israel is not bombing al-Shijaeya areas with phosphorous bombs. A report by the Gardian also spoke of the possibility that Israel is using Flechette shells against civilians.

Health organizations working in Gaza Strip are issuing a call for the International Committee for the Red Cross to assume its responsibilities and to play an active role in providing much needed protection to civilians.

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