Aggiornamento sulla situazione a Gaza da parte della Medical Relief – 26 novembre 2012

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Dear All ,

Thank you for your solidarity and support  throughout the difficult  time we were going through in Gaza due to the Israeli war . Below is summary of the war impact on Gaza:

The number of people who were killed is 174, including 59 children and 2 medical staff , and 1404 were injured, including 606 children and 5 medical staff.

10 health institutions were affected

These figures come from the Ministry of Health report issued on Monday 26 Nov, 2012

As for OCHA figures, issued on Nov 22, at 15:00, their report talks about 158 people killed and 1269 injured.

Also from the OCHA report, the number of houses completely destroyed or severely damaged is 298 and the number of houses lightly damaged is 1700

PMRS teams started visiting the injured children to assess their medical status.

In terms of psychosocial activities, PMRS volunteers have already started addressing this issue through psychosocial support sessions for children and their mothers.

A number of key humanitarian priorities which are necessary at this point are:

· Mitigating the risk of explosive remnants of war (ERW) through risk awareness activities and urgent removal of ERWs.

· Ensuring treatment of the wounded and others in need of healthcare.

· Addressing the psychological impact on families, especially children.

· Ensuring that the shelter needs of those families whose homes have been destroyed or severely damaged are quickly addressed.

· Rehabilitating critical infrastructure, including the Wadi Gaza coastal bridge that has been damaged.

Once again we appreciate all your efforts and communications you made to support us.


On behalf of PMRS

Dr. Aed Yaghi
Director -Gaza Strip
Palestinian Medical Relief Society
Tel:     +97282835990/1/2
Fax:    +97282827837

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