Three articles on the media coverage on Gaza

Pubblicato il 25 novembre 2012 da Gazzella

Vogliamo presentarvi tre interessanti articoli riguardo la copertura mediatica degli ultimi avvenimenti di Gaza.

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How the BBC whitewashed Israel’s war crimes from the ceasefire in Gaza

22 November 2012 The Editors

Rarely would a state get such an easy run from the media after killing so many civilians, many of whom were children, in what the BBC now calls the ‘flare-up’ of violence.

By The Editors - News Unspun

22 November 2012

LAST NIGHT A CEASEFIRE came into effect after a week of attacks on Gaza which left over 150 Palestinians dead (at least 40 of them children) and rocket fire into Israel which left 5 Israelis dead.

Before the news of the ceasefire became the front-page headline on the BBC News website, the headline story for the entire day concerned the bus bombing in Tel Aviv, which injured 21 civilians.

Luckily this attack did not result in civilian deaths, however it was still deemed more newsworthy than the 13 Palestinians in Gaza who were killed by air strikes that same day.


The top ten myths about Israel’s attack on Gaza

23 November 2012 Juan Cole Palestine and Israel

Israel has kept Palestinians of Gaza in the world’s largest outdoor prison and kept them under an illegal blockade aimed at limiting their nutrition without altogether starving them to death.

By Juan Cole

22 November 2012

1. Israeli hawks represent themselves as engaged in a ‘peace process’ with the Palestinians in which Hamas refuses to join. In fact, Israel has refused to cease colonizing and stealing Palestinian land long enough to engage in fruitful negotiations with them. Tel Aviv routinely announces new, unilateral house-building on the Palestinian West Bank. There is no peace process. It is an Israeli and American sham. Talking about a peace process is giving cover to Israeli nationalists who are determined to grab everything the Palestinians have and reduce them to penniless refugees (again).


John Pilger: BBC exposed by Israel’s fresh Gaza assault

Friday, November 23, 2012

By John Pilger

A screenshot of BBC’s biased coverage of Israel’s latest assault on Gaza.

In Peter Watkins’ remarkable BBC film, The War Game, which foresaw the aftermath of an attack on London with a one-megaton nuclear bomb, the narrator says: “On almost the entire subject of thermo-clear weapons, there is now practically total silence in the press, official publications and on TV. Is there hope to be found in this silence?”







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