Lettera di aggiornamento sulla situazione a Gaza da parte della Medical Relief, nostro partner – 22 novembre 2012

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November 22nd, 2012 12:00 noon

After eight long days of Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, finally a ceasefire agreement was reached. The agreement was effective as of 9:00 PM on Wednesday, Nov 21st.

The aggression led to the killing of 162 people, including 42 children and injuring 1222 people including 431 children.

And on the last day of the aggression, the Haidar Abdulshafi Primary Health Care Center in Jabalia sustained some damage due to the bombing near it. Some of the windows and doors were broken.

The center provides services to close to 30,000 people. Services include general medicine, women health, child health, laboratory and specialists.

We’d like to extend our thanks to all those who supported us during this difficult time and call upon you to continue your solidarity efforts.

Below is a story from Gaza during the war

On the fifth day of the Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip, PMRS medical teams started working through the emergency programs in their centers where a number of staff were able to reach the centers and start work, receiving patients and treating them. Among those received was Mrs Awatef Mohamed Alejla, 57 years old, resident of Alshejaeya in Gaza city. She came to PMRS Chronic Disease Center on Sunday morning Nov 18, at 10:00 am. She’s been a diabetic type II patient for twelve years. She came as she was suffering severe infection to her left foot which could have led to amputating a number of toes or even her foot. She started suffering from this infection since day one of the aggression, but due to the emergency situation all over Gaza’s hospitals, she could not receive any treatment at hospitals, and she started thinking about traveling abroad for treatment, but when she found out that PMRS Chronic Disease Center was operating, she came to the center. One of PMRS vehicles brought PMRS’s Dr. Tayseer Altanna, vascular surgeon, to the center where he treated the case and gave her the necessary medications in order to control the infection and save the foot. The next day, Awatef came to the center for dressing showing good improvement.

On behalf of PMRS
Dr. Aed Yaghi
Director -Gaza Strip
Palestinian Medical Relief Society
Tel:     +97282835990/1/2
Fax:    +97282827837
Email: pmrs.gaza@gmail.com

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