Lettera di aggiornamento sulla situazione a Gaza da parte della Medical Relief, nostro partner – 21 novembre 2012

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Tuesday November 21st, 2012 12:00

As the Israeli aggression on Gaza strip continues, Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, President of the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, arrived in Gaza on Tuesday November 20th, heading a medical team that came to support the work of medical and emergency services in Gaza. Dr. Barghouti and the accompanying delegate arrived through the Rafah crossing borders.

During his visit to Al-Shifa Hospital, Dr. Barghouti said that “the work medical teams in Gaza are doing is heroic. They are the unknown soldiers of humanity. He added that the Palestinian Medical Relief Society and all its teams insist on carrying out their important role in Gaza and the West Bank”.

So far, and after eight days of continued Israeli aggression, 139 people were killed including 34 children and more than 1200 people were injured including 381 children.

We appreciate all solidarity actions and urge all of you to continue your support of our just cause.

On behalf of PMRS

Dr. Aed Yaghi
Director -Gaza Strip
Palestinian Medical Relief Society
Tel:     +97282835990/1/2
Fax:    +97282827837
Email: pmrs.gaza@gmail.com

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