Lettera del referente di Gazzella a Gaza

Pubblicato il 12 ottobre 2004 da Gazzella

Greetings from Gaza

UPMRC Just wanted to brief you about the difficult situations of Gaza Strip till this morning .

At the moment the Israeli aggressive incursions continues in all parts of Northern Gaza, including Beit Hanoun, Beit Lahya and with a special concentration on Jabalya ( both refugees camp & the village).

In the north of Gaza and since the last Israeli incursions in Jabalya and

north of Gaza, more than 121 martyrs and more than 395 injure until

13th of October , and more than 76 houses have been demolished in order

to open new roads “short cuts” for the Israeli tanks in Jabalya area .

Jabalya, Beit Hanoun, & Beit Lahya are separated accordingly the people there find very high difficulty in reaching health centers , hospitals, food drinking water and milk for children and themselves too.

UPMRC have a lot of calls , which ask to provide milk for children and

medical services to the patients in this area .UPMRC emergency teams (mobile clinic team in the north area of Gaza Strip ) succeeded to enter the eastern area of Jabalya, & Beit Lahya and they provided medication for

patient especially for chronic patient , and milk for children .

Gaza strip at the moment is being separated into three parts, people find high difficulty in moving from one place to another .

In AbuHoli checkpoint ( which separate Gaza strip in the middle area)

there is a lot of people waiting to pass this checkpoint to return to there houses,and they are suffering very much especially the patients after surgical operations (which done abroad in Egypt).

UPMRC emergency teams (mobile clinic team in the south area of Gaza Strip ) provide medical services and medication for those people .

UPMRC is willing to continue the implementation of successful project

Mobile clinic in Affected area” depending on our successful experience in Rafah and other affected parts of Gaza Strip.




Dr. Aed Yaghi

Program Manager -Gaza Strip

Palestinian Medical Relief Society

Fax: + 972 8 2827837

E-mail: aedyaghi77@hotmail.com


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