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The Palestine Monitor, A PNGO Information Clearinghouse PRESS CONFERENCE SUMMARY

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi is Released After Being Injured by Israeli Army as a Punishment for Non-Violent, Peaceful Activities 2 January 2, 2002 – 9PM

After being arrested this morning after giving a press conference in American Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem, and held for four 4 hours, Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi was released at Ar-Ram checkpoint, taken into custody for a second time, and finally released at 6PM (local time). Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi then gave a second press conference at the Palestinian Media Center in Ramallah this evening. The morning’s press conference was held with foreign participants of the Grassroots International Protection for Palestinians (GIPP) campaign, in which various foreign delegates participated, including Ms. Luisa Morgantini, a member of the European parliament. Upon leaving the hotel Dr. Barghouthi was apprehended by police and Shabak operatives, and taken to the Russian Compound – a prison and detention center. After four hours he was released on bail. The reason given for his arrest was that he did not have permission to be in Jerusalem as he carries West Bank identification. Dr. Barghouthi said he did not need such a permit as he was in occupied East Jerusalem, not in Israel, and as a Palestinians he had an undeniable right to be there. Upon his release at the Ram checkpoint Dr. Barghouthi and the foreign delegates were talking to the media when the border police attempted to take him a second time. All present protested and tried to protect the doctor. At this point the Israeli army and border police became very violent and aggressively beat some of the people present, opening fire in the air with live ammunition, and used tear gas and sound bombs. Many people were battered in the ensuing chaos, and some sustained minor injuries. The police hit one cameraman trying to film the events in the head, and Ms. Morgantini and other delegates were thrown to the ground. Ms. Morgantini described the actions for the border guards and police as “unbelievably vicious, and completely unnecessary. The things they did and the force they used was just incredible, with such violence.” She intends to submit a formal complaint to the European Parliament about today’s events. Eventually the police managed to take Dr. Mustafa and detained him for a further hour at Nevi Yacob settlement. Upon his second release Dr. Barghouthi went to hospital where he underwent tests and was found to have a fractured kneecap and various lacerations and bruises on his face and body. In the evenings press conference Dr. Barhouthi thanked all the foreign friends, colleagues and diplomatic representatives who mobilized so quickly and efficiently to work towards his release, and also gave sincere thanks to the foreign delegates with him at the time who protested at the scene. The Israeli authorities claimed the doctor was in East Jerusalem illegally, however he pointed out that he had a legitimate right to be in Jerusalem based on three things: like all Palestinians he has every right to be in Jerusalem, as it was occupied in 1967 and remains an integral part of Palestine, secondly he was born in Jerusalem, and finally as a doctor he has the right to freedom of movement. Dr. Barghouthi’s arrest was only one of thousands during the last 16 months of the Intifada; many people still remain in detention. It is also, as the doctor pointed out, minor when compared to the 944 people who have lost their lives in the Intifada, the 25,000 people who have been injured, including 2,000 with will be severely disabled for life, and the destruction of homes, lives and livelihoods. Dr. Barghouthi believes “today’s events were an indication of how angry Israel is at the triumph of the GIPP delegations, which had two major successes through their peaceful and non violent actions. They showed to the people overseas the real face of the Palestinians, and just as importantly illustrated the reality of the situation here in Palestine – and that is a brutal Israeli military occupation.” The Israeli violence at the second apprehending of Dr. Barhouthi is indicative of the brutality and severe aggression of the military and the occupation – reflected in the day-to-day reality of the closure and siege that is collectively punishing 3.3 million Palestinians, people who are already subjected to occupation and military aggression. Dr. Barghouthi reiterated his, and every Palestinians, entitlement to go to Jerusalem, his determination to continue with the GIPP programme, and the continuation of the struggle for independence for Palestine. “We will remain steadfast, until the last settler leaves, until there is a just and independent Palestinian State with Jerusalem as it capital, until all UN resolutions are applied, until just peace and security is achieved for al people in the region, Palestinians will remain steadfast. Our determination, with the support of a strong international pressure will lead to our rights being respected, and a just and viable democratic Palestine will emerge.”

For more information please call Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi 050 254218 The Palestine Monitor +972 2 2985372, or 052 396196

PHR-ISRAEL URGENT APPEAL: DR. MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI ARRESTED 02.01.2002 PHYSICIANS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS-ISRAEL URGENT APPEAL DR. MUSTAFA BARGHOUTI, president of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC), was arrested just before noon upon his exit from a press conference at the Americal Colony Hotel in East Jerusalem, and is now being held ‘for questioning’ by Israeli security authorities at the ‘Russian Compound’ holding facility in West Jerusalem. Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is the president of the Union of Palestinian Medical Relief Committees (UPMRC), a community-based Palestinian health organization founded in 1979. He is a long-standing partner of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel in the struggle for human rights in the Occupied Territories. Dr. Barghouti is a dedicated and courageous activist for health and human rights of the Palestinian population. As a doctor, he has devoted his life to the struggle for justice, peace and human rights. He has taken an active part in the struggle for autonomy of medical professionals and for free passage of patients, doctors and medical goods at all times. At the press conference this morning, he described the disastrous effects of current Israeli policies on the health of the Palestinian population. His arrest, allegedly due to ‘illegal presence’ in East Jerusalem, is in blatant opposition to the basic tenets of human rights, and is evidently intended to prevent dissemination of information regarding violations of human rights. It is also aimed to deny free access of Palestinians to East Jerusalem, which has always been the cultural and spiritual center of Palestinian life, as well as home to the central medical institutions serving the West Bank. Physicians for Human Rights-Israel strongly condemns the unlawful arrest of Dr. Barghouti, and calls for his immediate release. We call on Israelis, Palestinians, and the global community to rise up and protest against the erosion of medical autonomy and freedom by Israeli authorities in Israel and the Occupied Territories, and against the denial of the freedom of expression. Write protest letters to: Uzi Landau, Minister for Internal Security: 972 2 5308151; Head of Israeli Police, Shlomo Aharonishki: 972 2 5308118; Binyamin Ben Eliezer, Defense Minister: 972 3 6976218, Nissim Dahan, Health Minister, 972 2 6787662. Details: Hadas Ziv, Miri Weingarten Physicians for Human Rights-Israel is a non-partisan, non-profit organization founded in 1988, comprising some 500 members who combat Israeli health and human rights violations, and strive to ensure equal and adequate health services for all. Tel: 972 3 6873718 Fax: 972 3 6873029 e-mail: To contribute to our work please send cheques to: ÔPhysicians for Human Rights-IsraelÔ, 30 Levanda St., Tel-Aviv 66020, Israel. Tax-Exempt contributions may be made through the New Israel Fund. Contributions should be marked as donor-advised to Physicians for Human RightsÐIsrael: New Israel Fund, PO Box 91588, Washington DC 20090-1588, USA, or New Israel Fund of Canada, 801 Eglinton Avenue, West Suite # 401, Toronto, Ontario M5n 1E3, Canada, or New Israel Fund of Great Britain, 26 Enford Street, London, W1h 2DD, Great Britain

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