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AuguAugust 3, 2014 / PMRS 13:00
On Saturday, August 2nd, Israel announced a unilateral withdrawal from the locations it has invaded in north, east and south of Gaza Strip. The Israeli army informed people who were displaced from their homes in the north, to return, except for the Beit Hanoun area. Later on, the Israeli army announced that this step does not mark the end of its military operation and that air strikes will go on, and today we’re witnessing an intensification of attacks by warplanes.
Today, our team visited Ezbat Beit Hanoun clinic. On the way there, we could see no one in the streets. As we walked into the clinic, we found out that it had sustained so much damage, with a shell hitting the first floor and another hitting the roof. Walls have been broken, windows fell and instruments are damaged. The clinic is not going to be operative until all this damaged is repaired.
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The case of Sally Saqer, 20 years old
Sally Naim Saqer, 20 year old young woman, from Alshate’a refugee camp, suffers from cerebral palsy since birth. She was staying at Mabarat Falastin society for rehabilitation of people with disability.
On Saturday, July 12th, Israeli forces bombed the rehabilitation center and the word was that everyone in there was killed. However, Sally had survived sustaining severe injury.
After the bombing, Sally was found in the front yard of the organization, suffering severe burns to 70% of her body, fractures to her right thy, left arm, and the skull. Sally was admitted to the intensive care unit at al-Shifa hospital and was there for two days, but then she was released as much more serious cases had to be admitted and there was no room at the hospital.
Sally’s mother has suffered a lot as there was no service provided to her daughter. The Palestinian Medical Relief Society team started to provide dressing services to Sally stating on Friday August 1st, and continue to visit her every day.

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