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PMRS / Gaza

July 24th, 2014 13:00

Eighteen days of ongoing Israeli aggression have so far left 732 martyrs and 4605 people injured. But Palestinians killed by the ongoing Israeli offensive are more than just numbers. They are humans who had their lives ahead of them but the atrocities committed by the Israeli forces put an end to their lives.

And while many people fall as victims and get killed, others live to tell the story. In Gaza, everyone has a story to tell.

Story of Dimaal-Nabahin, 16, still missing

Dima al-Nabahin, a 16 years old girl, lives in JohrAldek (at the eastern borders of Gaza city with population of 4000).

Four days ago, the Israeli occupation demanded that all residents of JohrAldek evacuate their homes while crawling. Dima’s father has a heart condition and he is too ill and could not leave the house, so his family decided to stay with him, says Reema Abu Ramadan, Dima’s friend and classmate At the American International School in Gaza. The International Committee for the Red Cross was contacted in order to help the family evacuate but they could not.

Dima’s girlfriends, who have been in contact with her all the time have lost contact two days ago and were extremely worried especially after they heard that a house for al-Nabahin family was bombarded. But later they’ve heard news that the bombed house was not their friend’s but that the Israeli Occupation forces went in and arrested all people who were in that area. Right now there is no contact with Dima and no one knows what happened to the family.

Eyewitness testimony

Thousands who fled from al-Shijaeya massacre have become eye witness to horrible atrocities. One eye witness says: “bombs were raining on our heads everywhere. We ran as fast as we could. Many were falling down, but we could not look back. There were 50 of us, but only 12 made it alive out of shijaeyea.”

Mother of Ismail Baker; child killed on beach:

Quotes by the mother during an interview:

“Ismael always helped me carry bags of grocery when I am back from shopping”. She added: “He never said no to any of my requests despite his young age compared to his brothers. If I knew he was going to be killed for playing football, I would have never let him go”

“In Gaza, we raise our children and then Israel kills them!”

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