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Pubblicato il 3 gennaio 2009 da Gazzella

Palestinian Medical Relief Society

Meeting the new year in Gaza

The barbaric attack which Israel has launched on Gaza has seen the loss of hundreds of innocent lives and whilst the numbers of dead and injured escalates, there seems no end in sight to this unjust attack, with Israeli officials vowed to expand military operations against the population of the Gaza Strip suggesting that this is only the beginning.

Since the beginning of the current offensive many civilians facilities have been bombarded, without paying attention to the lives and safety of Palestinian civilians.

The number of victims has surpassed 420 martyrs, more than two thousand injured, with a huge lack of food and medicine, full destruction of homes, and targeting medical bodies, ambulance crews, and families who took shelter in schools and International Humanitarian Centers.  This crises burdening Palestinian Medical Relief Society more responsibilities towards Palestinian people, especially within the shortage of  medical supplies, humanitarian needs and fuels.

Palestinian Medical Relief  emergency teams, play a main role in evacuating the injured people from the bumped sights, and provides them with first-aid until reaching the nearest hospital.  PMRS succeeded to refer  severe Palestine injured to Jordan hospitals, with the help of Jordanian Government.  Meanwhile we are prepare to receive field hospital from Jordan to help in emergency surgical operation in Gaza.

What is worth mentioning, that the main office of PMRS and main clinic center in Jabalia, north of Gaza ” Dr. Heidar Abedal Shafie clinic ” have been effected due to bumping.

These attacks against innocent Palestinian civilians are yet another example of Israel’s blatant disregard of international laws and the response from the international community should be equivalent to the atrocity of Israeli operation.

In light of the above, and with the actions of Israel amounting to war crimes by international law, Palestinian Medical Relief society calls upon the international community to continue their actions and participation on public demonstration all over the world and demand that Israel immediately stops its bloody campaign in Gaza Strip.

We urge you to condemn such barbarity and put pressure upon the Israeli government to allow vital humanitarian aid to reach the impoverished Gazan population.  And protect the medical teams to enable them evacuating the injuries.

Palestinian Medical Relief Society


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